What is your ultimate goal? No matter how good your destination may appear, you need to be able to enjoy the “journey” there.

In retirement, you want to enjoy the time it provides but also be comfortable in the fact that your future is well catered for.

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement. Even though allocating funds immediately may not be the best option, a plan for the future is vital.

Planning includes:

  • Investment Structures
  • Cash Flow Requirements
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Security
  • Taxation Implications
  • Succession Plans

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Breaking it down...

There are a number of structures that can be utilised when you are in your retirement phase of life.  By examining these you can ensure that your structure is appropriate to your retirement needs.

The term “asset rich and cash poor” is commonly bantered about.  In retirement, it is essential that your investments provide you with the liquidity required to meet your everyday commitments.  A detailed cash flow analysis will assist with this.

Have you thought about where you want your assets to go once you have passed on?  Sometimes this can be as simple as ensuring you have a valid will, but with different structures your will and your estate may become more complicated.

In retirement we need to ensure that our assets are in a secure structure.  Depending on the nature of the assets and the exposure to external and internal risks, different structures can offer different solutions.

Retirement income sources should be considered in accordance with its after tax return to owners which can vary according to the structure the asset is held in.

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